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Riché Richardson’s work as a scholar and artist who has participated in several national exhibitions frequently allows her to engage in forms of public outreach and to share her research with audiences beyond academia.  Such opportunities provide a public platform on which to share her work as a scholar in the humanities and enable forms of community engagement.  All of this reflects her longstanding commitment to making a difference, a mission that she first began as a teen at 16 and 17 through her weekly work as a volunteer at Cleveland Avenue’s YMCA in her hometown, Montgomery, Alabama, where she established a program for children and preteens while serving as student council vice- president and later president at the historic St. Jude Educational Institute.  Richardson contributes to church, community organizations and charities and from 2006-19, sponsored a child in Ethiopia through Childfund.

Event Highlights 

Cultural Envoy of the U.S. Embassy in France, 2009 
RR and Sophie Nadeau
Speaking with Géraldine Chouard
Embassy officials at Mairie du 5e
RR, Pat Turner and Géraldine Chouard
RR speaking at Ambassador's Residenc
RR address at Ambassador's
Géraldine Chouard and Anne Crémieux
Pat Turner and Jennifer Bullock
Meeting guests at Ambassador's
Preparing to end a great evening
Sophie Nadeau and Géraldine Chouard
Speaker at Rosa Parks's Gala 100th Birthday Celebration in Montgomery, 2013
Speaking at Rosa Parks' birthday
Honoring Rosa Parks
Telecast of program on CCC
The historic stamp unveiling
Donald Snipes and Georgette Norman
Honoring Rosa Parks
RR Presented with Stamps
Educator of the Year Award Recipient, Grand Reunion of St. Jude Alumni & Friends, 2016
Bill Ford presents award
RR with Father Manuel Williams
Delores S, Joanne R, Pamela R-G
Marian Anderson, Gertrude Thompson
Fellow awardee Cedric R. Bradford
Tenure Dinner Celebration at Cornell with President David Skorton and Provost Kent Fuchs, 2010
Seminar with Munday Lecturer Craig Steven Wilder and Ed Baptist
RR attending the Dorothy Cotton Institute's Gala Dinner
Pictured with Rose from the Multicultural Resource Center at Cornell
Speaking at Brown Brothers Harriman
Simone Parris and RR at BBH
Simone Parris and RR at BBH
RR at 2016 Africana homecoming
RR and Brunetta Garrard at Westheime
RR and Tayari Jones, CLA 2012
RR and Tayari Jones, CLA 2012
Geneva Baxter and Tayari Jones, 2012
Toni Morrison Conference at Spelman
Danielle Heard and Rome Shavers,2014
ASALH 2015
RR and Dr. Donna S. Akiba Harper
RR and Tayari Jones
w/ Noliwe Rooks and Tayari Jones
Speaking at 2016 ASA
2016 ASA panel Black Art Matters
2016 ASA panel Black Art Matters
RR and Steven Thrasher at 2016 ASA
CLA, 2019, Raleigh, NC
RR being sworn in, Tompkins County Historical Commission
With Dr. Harper and Philathia Bolton
Introducing Carole Boyce Davies's Interview with Barbara Smith
RR presenting on Houston Baker in African American Literature forum
Dana Williams, Howard English chair; RR among panelists
Dana Williams, Howard English chair
RR and Dr. Donna Akiba S. Harper
Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison
RR and Paula Giddings
Heading to MH Abrams' 100th birthday
The Color Purple
A Christmas Carol
Cornell Graduation, 2018
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