Riché Richardson’s work as a scholar and artist who has participated in several national exhibitions frequently allows her to engage in forms of public outreach and to share her research with audiences beyond academia.  Such opportunities provide a public platform on which to share her work as a scholar in the humanities and enable forms of community engagement.  All of this reflects her longstanding commitment to making a difference, a mission that she first began as a teen at 16 and 17 through her weekly work as a volunteer at Cleveland Avenue’s YMCA in her hometown, Montgomery, Alabama, where she established a program for children and preteens while serving as student council vice- president and later president at the historic St. Jude Educational Institute.  Richardson is not only regularly invited for public speaking engagements as a scholar, but she is also sought out to address public audiences as a visual artist.  In some cases, public events are designed to draw on her talents in both areas.  When she was invited to Paris as a Cultural Envoy of the U.S. Embassy in France in 2009, Richardson gave talks to three groups of high school students, three groups of college students, multiple gallery talks, and an address to 150 invited guests at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence.  In addition, she spoke to the newly formed diversity group at the U.S. Embassy and met with members of a group of American studies scholars.  Her work as a scholar and artist has also been highlighted in several documentary films.  Richardson contributes to church, community organizations and charities and from 2006-19, sponsored a child in Ethiopia through Childfund.

Event Highlights 

Cultural Envoy of the U.S. Embassy in France, 2009 
Speaker at Rosa Parks's Gala 100th Birthday Celebration in Montgomery, 2013
Educator of the Year Award Recipient, Grand Reunion of St. Jude Alumni & Friends, 2016
Tenure Dinner Celebration at Cornell with President David Skorton and Provost Kent Fuchs, 2010
Speaking on Trayvon Martin and Rachel Jeanteal Panel, September 2013
Introducing Elaine Brown, October 2016
Discussant on Panel at ASRC Symposium in Honor of Retirement of Professor Robert L. Harris, April 2013 

Interviewing Dr. Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé and Solange's Father, alongside Dr. Marla Frederick from Harvard at Cornell on September 27, 2018